Size Guide

Never get it wrong!

In the details tab of each product there are two size parameters:

  • BRAND size, or the number with the letter written on the tag
  • Reference length, additional indication in centimeters according to the type of item, trousers or shoes or hats

For most of the items of clothing the parameter refers to the height of the child in centimetres.

If you find 6M-68 cm it means that the item you've selected is fine for infants of 6 months that, on average, have a height of 68 cm..
If you find 8Y - 110 cm,it means that the item you've chosen is good for an 8 year old boy that, on average, have a height of 110 cm..

In the case of accessories such as hats and shoes, you'll find the reference in centimetres of the circumference of the head or foot length respectively.

Take the measurement

To be 100% sure of your selection we recommend you take the following steps: Size guide

* The measures set out in the size guide refer to body measurements, not clothing.

  • 1.Height

    Stand the child against a wall without shoes. Get a piece of cardboard and place it gently on the head: Make a mark on the wall. Then get a tape measure and measure the distance between the mark of the head and the ground.

  • 2.Chest

    Make the child breathe in. Take the measurement of the circumference at the fullest part of the chest. Better loose than tight.

  • 3.Waist

    Measure the circumference of your child's waist; place the tape measure at the narrowest point above the hips. Remember that many garments such as trousers and skirts have adjustable elastic straps inside and allowing them to adapt to the body size.

  • 4.Hips

    The hips are the most critical for the fit. Carefully measure the circumference of the hips, placing the tape measure around the most prominent part of the buttocks/bottom.

If you happen to purchase an item and the size does not fit, do not despair: you can return it easily and free!

Read more: go to Returns guide

Anatomical Reference Tables
  • NEONATA/O 0-36 mesi
  • BAMBINA/O 2-10 anni
  • RAGAZZA/O 11-16 anni
    • Tabella anatomica (abbigliamento, intimo)
      EtàAltezza (cm.)Torace (cm.)Vita (cm.)Bacino (cm.)Abbigliamento, Intimo (taglia da cartellino)
      00 mesi4741414000M
      0 mesi504242420M
      1 mese564444451M
      3 mesi624646483M
      6 mesi684847516M
      9 mesi745048539M
      12 mesi8052495412M
      15 mesi8352495515M
      18 mesi8653505618M
      24 mesi9254515724M
      36 mesi985552593A
      Tabella anatomica (scarpine, calzini)
      Lunghezza piede (cm.)Scarpine (taglia)Calzini (taglia)
       10 - 1200
       13 - 150
      Tabella taglia (cappellini)
      Circ testa (cm.)Cappellini (taglia)Età
      380 - 3 mesi
      423 - 6 mesi
      446 - 12 mesi
      4812 - 24 mesi
      Tabella taglia guanti
      EtàAltezza (cm.)Riferimento (taglia da cartellino)
      6 - 12 M68 - 80 cm.XXS
      18 - 24 M86 - 92 cm.XS
      2 - 4 A92 - 104 cm.S
      Tabella taglia collant
      EtàAltezza (cm.)Riferimento (taglia da cartellino)
      00/1 mesecm. 47/56000
      1/3 mesicm. 56/6200
      3/9 mesicm. 62/740
      9/18 mesicm. 74/86
      18/24 mesicm. 86/92
      2/4 annicm.92/104